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Service Assurance

Total Ecosystem Observability and Process Automation Across Service Domains 

Incident Management
Network Monitoring and Network Performance Management
Application Monitoring and Application Performance Management


Accelerates incident response and resolution through process automation powered by real time analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Enables a new way of working across applications, the network, and both dedicated and hybrid in-house and cloud infrastructures. 

Substitutes process automation for high levels of human expertise in the event monitoring and incident management processes.


Transforms the service operating model by delivering the augmented intelligence to support a leaner, more efficient and effective IT operations staff.

Greatly enhance customer experience
Dramatically reduce costs
Substantially increase efficiency for mission-critical
operations that require massive streaming


VIA AIOps Enhances Cisco Service Assurance


Learn about VIA’s latest release from Cisco’s Marc Austin and Vitria’s Chris Menier


Invest in AIOps
Use this guide to optimize your investment


Data is your most valuable currency


VIA AIOps Features a Total Ecosystem Approach Across Industries


Know about service-impacting issues before your customers report a problem.

Despite an abundance of monitoring, can you quickly determine the root cause of service-impacting issues?

Without all the information across service layers and the right analytic support, high-cost technicians in multiple teams often chase symptoms wasting valuable time and slowing the resolution process.

That’s why more companies are choosing VIA AIOps.


The 3 key capabilities that distinguish VIA AIOps

VIA automates event monitoring and incident management process steps accurately detecting faults, identifying probable root cause, and communicating with up and downstream third-party systems without human intervention. Three key capabilities distinguish VIA AIOps.

Learn more about how VIA AIOps can enhance the customer experience, lower cost, and improve operational efficiencies.  

Total Ecosystem Observability within and across technology layers, applications, and service domains to deliver unified service assurance supporting fault, performance, and change management processes.

Smart Incident Approach to automation delivering actionable, triaged tickets to the service management systems with the information needed to implement automated remediation or enable the fix agents to act.

Fast Time-to-Value with measurable, high-payback results in the first year using a system easy to install, integrate, manage, configure, and use.

Reported results from some of our clients include:

60% improvement in service availability

40% lower Mean Time to Restore service outage

80% reduction in time to resolve hard-to-resolve service degradation issues

92% of incidents detected prior to customer impact

Reduce the noise and get to actions faster.

VIA AIOps Unique Strengths Achieving a New Operating Model for Operations



VIA delivers full stack observability and sustained service assurance optimization to reduce cost and improve the customers’ experience. It operates across service layers to accelerate the time to detect, triage, and resolve service-impacting events.

AI, machine learning and advanced analytics improve the fault, performance and change management processes by reducing noise, detecting anomalies earlier, uncovering the root cause and prescribing actions automatically.


Self-Healing, a Super Power for Telcos: Learn the Drivers and Barriers

AIOps, with Intelligent automation, dramatically improves operational efficiency and enables IT to implement self-healing capabilities. Discover the drivers and barriers for automation projects and gain invaluable insights to enhance your ROI with AIOps.

Join Andrew Colby, VIA AIOps VP, and Charlotte Patrick, Industry Analyst, for an on-demand webinar.

Why VIA AlOps is Critical for Networks

Success for highly competitive telcos and financial services firms relies on service satisfaction. Mitch Ashley, Chief Technology officer and popular host of Techstrong TV, interviewed Andrew Colby, Vice President of AlOps with Vitria. Techstrong Group, an omniversal media company, covers industries and practices that are reshaping the world of technology.

Doing More with Less – The Value of Adding Automation and Intelligence into the Network

We’re thrilled to invite you to a view an exclusive sneak peek into the future of operations!  This webinar promises to revolutionize the way you perceive operations, offering unparalleled insights into efficiency, business value, and the crucial role of AI and ML in the 5G era.

How to Deliver Value with an AI Implementation

Learn how companies can ensure funding for their AIOps projects; what issues must be addressed prior to a funding request; and during the deployment of the AIOps solution.

Watch the interview between Andrew Colby, Vice President, VIA AIOps at Vitria, and Mitch Ashley, CTO Research Principal at Techstrong Group, where they take a holistic view of all the factors that Telcos must consider to kick off their AIOps implementation.

2023 is a Tough Year for Investing... and Yet the 5G Show Must Go On

Andrew Colby, Vitria’s Vice President, VIA AIOps, sits down with Charlotte Patrick, Telco expert and thought leader, to discuss how AIOps is creating efficiency and delivering value amidst the economic environment of 2023

Vitria named a winner in the Brandon Hall

We are thrilled to announce that Vitria was named a winner in the Brandon Hall – Excellence in Technology Awards.

Vitria VIA AIOps won the Gold Award in the category of “Best Advance in AI for Business Impact.”

Buyer’s Guide For AIOps Applications

The next generation of AIOps platforms is here and setting a new standard in customer experience. These applications are helping companies drastically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery to large numbers of external customers. The experts at Vitria have developed this market guide for AIOps platforms specifically for companies providing digitized services direct to their customers and who are looking to leverage AIOps to up their game by providing consistent service to customers without the typical drag on profitability.

This guide will help you:

• Document the needs of your business

• Select the product capabilities that will meet your needs

• Use the self-assessment included, to narrow your search for vendors that will enable you to reach your goals and realize value from your AIOps investment</span


Investments in infrastructure to enable remote workers and schoolers, the necessary adoption of telehealth and telemedicine and the emerging contactless retail are creating challenges for many organizations.

To survive, businesses are expanding digitized services putting new pressure on IT Operations to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations for service availability and performance.

In a highly competitive environment, a next-generation AIOps application offers a game-changing solution for IT Operations teams. AIOps applications dramatically improve IT Ops vision- correlating what has happened, what is happening now, and giving IT Ops insights into the future.

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