Self-Healing and Full Automation Journey with VIA AIOps

Scale and complexity increase with each progressive level in the self-healing journey

VIA delivers AIOps with high automation

Levels of automation on the road to self-healing

Level 5

Full Autonomous Operations & Self-healing

  • Systems operate autonomously across most scenarios
  • AlOps-based self-healing capabilities
  • Minimal human intervention

Level 4

AlOps with High Automation

  • Advanced AlOps functionality
  • “Likely fix” predication
  • Automated remediation for many incidents

Level 3

AlOps and Partial Automation

  • Al-based correlation and grouping or related incidents
  • Probable cause and impact analysis
  • Automated ticketing of incidents in ITSMs systems

Level 2


  • Ingestion of metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT)
  • Comprehensive views of system performance and health
  • Visual and temporal correlations of issues

Level 1

Basic Monitoring

  • Consolidation of monitoring tools
  • KPis and standardized dashboards
  • Automated alerts with human trouble-shooting

Level 0

Manual Operations

  • Traditional, manually operated networks & systems
  • Human operators trouble-shoot individual components
  • Vendor provided monitoring tools and dashboards

Critical Milestones on the journey to
Automated resolutions and self-healing

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