Operations Book PAC For BW

The Operations Book® Platform Adapter Component (PAC) for BusinessWare® (BW)

The Operations Book Platform Adapter Component (PAC) enhances BusinessWare

The Operations Book® Platform Adapter Component (PAC) for BusinessWare® (BW) brings more visibility and higher reliability to your BusinessWare applications. Now you can predict and model system changes, see in advance how changes will affect your system performance, and quickly identify salient issues before they become critical.

With the ability to see important trends, you will dramatically improve your operational quality as you seamlessly obtain better stability, predictability, business handling, and proactive exception management.

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Operations Book PAC for BW enhances BusinessWare applications with:

  • System Activity, Performance, and Health Monitoring to increase system stability by identifying health issues before they become critical
  • Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning for the ability to predict and model system changes
  • Business Level Monitoring and Analytics providing increased visibility into business activity
  • Enhanced Application Exception Management resulting in fewer application exceptions and higher straight-through processing
Meeting The Demand

Increasingly, business challenges require more real-time operational knowledge with faster and easier solutions to process problems. Customers want higher visibility and insight to better manage IT costs while still realizing the full benefits of their existing purchased infrastructure.

The Operations Book PAC for BW simplifies your access to BusinessWare process data and gives instant visibility into its trends and exceptions. Unlike other alternatives, this product easily exposes key operational health and process data from BW. Now you can diagnose system health and performance issues before they become critical, and quickly identify trends to reveal previously unseen business opportunities.

Explore the only pre-built and integrated tool set designed to give visibility and insight into BusinessWare health and performance. Empower users with the only Web 2.0 BPM product suite capable of delivering complex analytics and Operational Intelligence to your BusinessWare applications, allowing you to easily configure response and recovery processes.

AIOps for content streaming customer support funnel
AIOps for content streaming customer support funnel

What is the Operations Book PAC for BusinessWare?

  • A more direct access to key BW metrics critical to system health and performance that goes well beyond business intelligence (BI) and business activity monitoring (BAM) products
  • A set of tools that enables access to your BusinessWare process data and exposes key operational health, performance, and business process information from existing BW instances
  • Multiple components in a single suite that go well beyond a simple adapter or connector
  • A product to model and predict performance and system load, and diagnose system health issues before they become critical
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Clear Benefits For BusinessWare Users

The Operations Book PAC for BW monitors the health and performance of your systems and identifies issues before they become critical.

Unlike with other general purpose system monitoring products, you gain information from over 100 key BusinessWare activity and health metrics, providing both Operational Intelligence and the power to analyze and correlate data in real time to ensure the optimal actions and reactions.

With easy-to-use dashboards, users can access information driven directly from executing processes so decisions are made at the critical moment, with the right information.

Now you can experience increased visibility into business activity, fewer application exceptions, and increased system stability in your BusinessWare environment.

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