About us

Move from Analyzing Data to Automating Actions.

VIA AIOps is a next generation AIOps solution which enables reliable automation across all layers of service delivery to improve the customer experience and optimize operations. VIA AIOps provides total ecosystem observability, and explanatory AI to increase confidence in automation. Automation minimizes the number of incidents that impact service by correlating data across operational silos. Using VIA AIOps, you can offer your external customers experience assurance – know and act on problems before your customers report service interruption.


Founded in 1994, with long history of success in streaming analytics, business process management, enterprise application integration, operational intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) analytics across enterprises and vertical markets.


US, China, UK, Spain, Japan with franchises in Latin America, Malaysia and Korea


Patented technologies in Streaming Analytics, Business Process Management, and Publish-Subscribe Communication


  • AIOps for Business Value – quantifiable improvements in revenue and profitability.
  • AIOps for Flawless Agility – correlating problems, issues and change across millions of endpoints.
  • AIOps for Digital Experience Management – prioritizing issues impacting real-time experience.
  • AIOps for Customer Experience – quantifiable improvements in retention and NPS.
  • Supporting petabytes of data across billions of unique values in the most complex environments.
  • Interconnected with leading ITSM, APM, NPM and ITOM vendors.

The Vitria Story