Use Cases and ResultsThe failure rate was reduced by 28% avoiding the addition of 20 full-time staff at a cost of $2.3 million.

Use Cases and Results92% of incidents were detected prior to customer impact.

Use Cases and ResultsImproved service availability by 60% and reduced staffing requirements by 50%.

Use Cases and ResultsReduced MTTR by 40% for service disruption and by 80% for degradation issues.

Intelligent Operations

APIs / Traps

Fault Management

APIs / Traps

Performance Management

APIs / Traps

Change Assurance

Enhance customer experience, lower cost, and improve operational efficiency with VIA AIOps

VIA AIOps enables a new service assurance operating model and a new way of working through automation powered by real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

North American MSO Enables Intelligent Operations with Natural Language Processing and GenAI-Based ChatOps
Accelerate Incident Response and Resolution

Breakdown Operational Silos and Improve Response and Resolution Time

  • Eliminates miscommunication and resulting ping-pong issue movement from one fix team to another
  • Integrates with existing communication tools
  • Enables AIOps info access without need to onboard a new UI
  • Reduces miscommunication & fosters transparency
  • Find root cause and the right fix quickly accelerating both incident response and resolution time
Breakdown Operational Silos
Tier 1 MSO
Uses GenAI to Empower Likely Fix Recommendations
Tier 1 MSO Uses GenAI to Empower Likely Fix Recommendations

Automate incident management process and reduce cost

  • GenAI recognizes patterns in data that may not be immediately apparent to humans
  • Enables continuous leaning and codification of subject matter expertise
  • GenAI quickly analyzes large datasets, provides recommendations in real-time
  • Delivers end-to-end incident resolution process automation
  • Reduces time and cost associated with root cause analysis and the determination of the right fix
Automate incident management-process
Leading Network Operator uses VIA AIOps for Automated Incident Management
VIA AIOps use case

Transform Fault Management with Process Automation

  • Monitor and analyze syslog, trap, and alarms events from physical and virtual hosts within and across technology layers and applications in real-time
  • Enriches data through contextualization using machine-learned topologies and dimension discovery analysis 
  • Automatically generates baselines for every metric and dimension combination to detect faults more accurately 
  • Aggregates as appropriate multiple signals though process automation that may appear across service domains to a single incident 
  • Process automation powered by AI and machine learning defines probable root cause, symptoms and population impacted for rapid action and resolution 
  • Communicates bidirectionally with service management systems 
An Over-the-Top Video Service Provider Improves Customer Experience with VIA AIOps

Transform Performance Management with Process Automation

  • Monitor and analyze KPI time-series data from elements & applications
  • Unified data collection and analysis in cloud-native environments 
  • Cloud monitoring for performance across clusters vertically and horizontally without human intervention 
  • Detects service performance and customer-impacting incidents earlier with machine-learned baselines, machine-learned topologies, and stochastic modelling 
  • Eliminates multiple teams working on the same root cause through affinity analysis
  • Process automation defines root cause, symptoms and population impacted to enable faster action 
  • Prescribes next best action for incident remediation or prevention  
Top-Tier Cable Operator uses VIA Ops to reduce cost and improve DevOps and change assurance processes
AIOps for content streaming narrative

Transfrom Change Assurance and Improve DevOps and CI/CD Processes

  • Discover dependencies with total ecosystem observability
  • Detect change to an entity’s attribute (e.g., subscriber’s device or element’s firmware)
  • Correlate alarms, events, incidents and change tickets
  • Monitor for and detect customer experience impact
  • Automate response with early anomaly detection resulting from change
  • Improves CI/CD Processes with the addition of AIOps 

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