Network operations reduce impact of incidents on customers

Why This Network Provider Chose VIA AIOps To Improve Network Availability

Reduce Service Incidents to Less Than Five Incidents Per Day and Improve Network Availability with VIA AIOps

In recent years, enterprises have experienced an increasing number of employees on mobile devices, the pivot to remote work, and the pervasive adoption of cloud. These changes have put enormous pressure on network operations. Instead of a handful of enterprise applications, you are required to manage a growing number of highly specialized SaaS apps for every team, market, and data type.

As the number of devices increase, so does the number of incidents for Operations to remediate. Manual triage of these incidents is leaving operators overwhelmed and negatively impacting mean time to remediation (MTTR). The ability for Operations to determine the root cause of a service-impacting issue was no longer possible.

Before implementing VIA AIOps, a leading network operator, with a service operations staff of 100+ professionals, was tracking manually metrics across services to measure effectiveness. Single operators were having to deal with 450 incidents per month on a single service. Manual triage of each incident was slowing response and ultimately delaying remediation.

The network operator needed a solution the would reduce service interruptions caused by network incidents without increasing staff and improve network availability. Enter VIA, a next-generation AIOps application delivering:

  • Total ecosystem observability – a holistic view of the entire service delivery supply chain.
  • Explainable AI – plain language explanations for analytics builds trust and confidence in automation.
  • Experience Assurance  – a five-star experience your customers will trust.

Download the case study to learn how VIA AIOps improved service availability by 60% and reduced staffing requirements by 50% in a matter of weeks.

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