Cable operator in North America improves the customer experience

Why This Cable Operator Chose VIA AIOps For Managing Change

Reduce Service Visits and Avoid More Than 200,000 Truck Rolls with VIA AIOps

Change is a constant for cable operators. Network upgrades and frequent application changes enabled by sophisticated DevOps platforms and CI/CD processes result in planned and unplanned service interruptions. These interruptions can lead to costly visits by technicians to subscribers’ homes and businesses.

To win in this highly competitive industry, cable operators need the ability to detect changes that are impacting service and remediate them before the subscriber calls to report a service issue.

Before implementing VIA AIOps, a top tier cable operator in North America was fielding thousands of visits a year by trained technicians to subscribers’ homes and businesses. The company was dumping millions of dollars in truck rolls and these on-site technicians.

Worse, the customer experience was significantly impacted by the amount of time it took for service interruptions to be remediated. The downtime between the complaint being called into the time the technician arrived to fix the problem left customers frustrated and unsatisfied.

The cable operator needed a solution that enabled them to keep pace with system upgrades and service improvements without experiencing an increase in technician visits.

Enter VIA, a next-generation AIOps application delivering:

  • Total ecosystem observability – a holistic view of the entire service delivery supply chain.
  • Explainable AI – plain language explanations for analytics builds trust and confidence in automation.
  • Experience Assurance  – a five-star experience your customers will trust.

Download the case study to learn how VIA AIOps saved this cable operator over $16M in on-site technician costs and immediately improved the customer experience.

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