Which AIOps Solution is Right for You?

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Analysts and practitioners agree that there is no future for ITOps or Network Ops that doesn’t include AIOps. In early 2016 Gartner coined the term – AIOps – to mean machine learning analytics technology that enhances IT operations analytics. Technically – AIOps is the acronym of “Algorithmic IT Operations” or simply stated machine learning for operations. In just five years enterprise organizations and  telecommunications company are more aware of AIOps – in fact, a few early adopters find they can’t work  without it.

Some analysts characterize the AIOps market as emerging, with best practices still evolving.  However, if you are thinking this is a good reason to defer or put off a decision on AIOps you might want to reconsider. The time to value (TTV) when adopting an AIOps solution is heavily weighted by which AIOps solution you choose. Like a weight loss plan or endurance training regime – the first day is a necessity – you can’t arrive until you start. The question is which AIOps solution enables you to realize value in a shorter timeframe?

Organizations value AIOps for its ability to enhance and sustain a positive customer experience by dramatically improving fault management, performance management, and change management processes and then tying these directly to the customer experience. Today organizations apply the term “customer” to external customers of internet services and streaming content and also to employees who are customers of the enterprise services they need to do their work. The year 2020 was a stark reminder that the ability for employees to “work” was dependent on the quality of their customer experience with the infrastructure and network that made up their remote working infrastructures. For remote workers and millions of house bound streaming customers the always on network, secure internet services and service assurance took on new meaning.


Who Benefits from AIOps?


Customer Service Managers and Customer Success Managers obsess about the impact of a problem on the customer and the services they are using. They expect an AIOps solution will enable them to measure and report on how the actual service compares to service level agreements (SLAs). Network Engineers, responsible for diagnosing root cause followed by problem resolution, know that ITSM alone won’t scale to detect anomalies and manage incidents in real time. AI and ML are changing the incident management landscape.

Selecting and implementing an AIOps solution could provide network engineers, customer service managers and customer success managers the observability across layers, the noise reduction, the root cause analysis they need to meet and exceed the promise of service assurance.

VIA AIOps for Cisco Network Automation is the only AIOps application providing total ecosystem observability and explanatory analytics in order to provide service assurance.  VIA AIOps enables intelligent automation across all layers of the service delivery infrastructure and optimizes operations to provide the desired customer experience. VIA AIOps provides automated analysis and remediation of customer impacting incidents across all layers of the service ecosystem.

Customers benefit when service operations have increased visibility of the infrastructure, specifically the network. We call this observability, and it is the foundation of Service Assurance. Cisco Crosswork is a family of products focused on service assurance. VIA AIOps for Cisco Network Automation enables Network Operations to SEE and REACT to the interplay of elements across the service ecosystem. While ITSM solutions generate signals and anomalies from all the IT elements including network and applications, it is AIOps that augments human intelligence and applies AI and ML which enable you to understand the IMPACT of the anomalies on product assurance and service assurance. VIA AIOps determines probable root cause and prescribes the next best action to restore service.


What can you expect from VIA AIOps for Cisco Network Automation?


The big VALUE ADD is real time analytics – AI/ML working for you to reduce false positives, reduce alarm noise and automate incident management. With VIA AIOps you have the ability to detect and alert on a failure BEFORE the customer experiences a service outage or complains about service degradation.

Organizations implementing Cisco Network Automation, one solution in the expansive family of products called Cisco Crosswork, experience service assurance, product assurance and change assurance. Time to value is reduced because these capabilities are delivered without specialized data scientists or experimenting with algorithms.

Cisco Crosswork transforms mass scale network operations. Cisco Network Automation with VIA AIOps is part of the Cisco Crosswork family and enables intelligent automation across all layers of the service delivery ecosystem.


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