Cisco Service Assurance

Vitria partners with Cisco to enhance Network Automation.

VIA AIOps is added to Cisco’s DevNet SolutionsPlus program so Cisco customers can buy VIA AIOps off Cisco’s Global Price List for multi-vendor, multi-layer, cross-domain assurance solutions. VIA AIOPs will be offered bundled with existing Cisco solutions as motions driven by its sales teams. As part of the Cisco DevNet Solution Plus Partner Program, customers worldwide can now purchase VIA AIOps solutions directly off Cisco’s Global Price List and through approved Cisco partners.


Vitria VIA AIOps Now Available Through Cisco

Vitria VIA AIOps enhances Cisco’s network automation portfolio by delivering automated analysis that enables rapid remediation of service-impacting events across all technology and application layers.

Vitria announced that it has partnered with Cisco to deliver cross-domain fault and performance management for complete, full-stack service assurance solutions on the Cisco Crosswork platform. VIA AIOps collects resource logs and assurance application events using Crosswork Data Gateway, correlates the data, and applies unsupervised machine learning to auto-discover key performance indicators for network products. 

“Vitria VIA AIOps offers added insight for our customers as it collects network events using the Cisco Crosswork platform, and adds to Crosswork’s service and resource assurance solutions with multi-vendor, multi-domain correlated performance and fault analysis across the assurance stack.”

VP of Networking, Mass-scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco

Partnership Benefits

The Vitria Partner Model enables our partners to resell the software and provide services or our partners can bring VIA to sell through the software retaining services revenue for themselves. In both cases, our Partners use the software to build, enhance, integrate and modify solutions – providing their clients the digital experience they need for transformation.

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