End-to-End Network Assurance with One Single Application

A Private 5G Network Upgrades to A Singular Solution

The Increasingly Complex Issues Of Private 5G Networks Can Be Solved With a Single Affordable Solution

Colleges and universities, hospitals, manufacturers, and many other industries are investigating the feasibility of installing a private 5G network to achieve more flexibility, predictable data rate performance, privacy, and low latency. However, end users depend on better service reliability without adding burdensome operating costs. 

One large midwestern university addressed this challenge by installing VIA AIOps for end-to-end network assurance for their private 5G network.

VIA AIOps delivers end-to-end network service assurance in cloud native, private 5G networks. VIA automates the full life cycle with advanced, real-time analytics to move from alarm noise reduction to anomaly detection to performance management and predictive analytics. Developed for Network Operations Management, VIA optimizes fault, performance and change management processes.

Download the Case Study to learn how to solve common operational network assurance challenges for private 5G networks