AIOps, the Gartner Market Guide, and VIA AIOps by VitriaListen to Chris Menier and Charlotte Patrick discuss VIA’s mention as a top AIOps solution in Gartner’s latest Market Guide 

“Our customers’ ability to quantify our impact speaks to our ability to deliver.” — Chris Menier

In their recent Market Guide, Gartner mentions cross-domain data ingestion in analytics, topology, correlation, pattern recognition, and probable remediation as key characteristics inherent in AIOps platforms.

Key characteristics of AIOps defined by Gartner:

  • Cross-domain data ingestion in analytics: VIA AIOps is both vendor and data agnostic. It can ingest data across the entire service delivery ecosystem, then enrich and correlate it.
  • Topology: VIA combines topology from third sources with learning from the data itself to deliver the most accurate data for enrichment.
  • Correlation: VIA goes beyond simple de-duplication of faults and detects anomalies in time series.
  • Pattern Recognition: The use of AI and ML to generate baselines, an ontology approach to enrichment, and the combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence separates VIA from others.

Download the Q&A document and learn how Vitria measures up from Chris Menier and Charlotte Patrick.