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AIOps SD-WAN Use Cases

Use Cases in a Complex SD-WAN Environments

AIOps Use Cases: Real-Time Capacity Monitoring, Predictive Management, and Automated Closed-Loop Assurance in an SD-WAN Environment.

Network monitoring with alarm notification is insufficient to maintain network performance across a complex SD-WAN environment. When traffic congestion trends to non-conformance or a service incident impacts capacity or availability response must be immediate to avoid degradation in the customer experience and an increase in customer calls for support. Fortune 500 companies implement VIA AIOps Application in order to increase SD-WAN performance through closed-loop, automated action to accelerate response and resolution.

AIOps, artificial intelligence for IT Operations, uses the ability to ingest multiple data sources at scale and combine this with machine learning and analytics to improve IT operations processes and tasks including performance analysis, anomaly detection, event correlation and analysis, IT service management and automation. AIOps is being leveraged by a growing number of companies across a diverse spectrum of industry sectors to improve customer service quality. Companies that choose a wide-scope AIOps platform can address performance across service-delivery layers from the infrastructure through the application.

AIOps improves the efficacy of IT operations by automating many normal operation workflows by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into infrastructure and application monitoring processes. In essence, a wide-scope AIOps platform can accelerate the incident to response life cycle. The platform ingests and analyses real-time data then takes intelligent action to support faster resolution, implements workarounds automatically, triggers customer notification to stem the volume of service calls, and in many cases, resolves the problem proactively without human intervention.

Opportunities that AIOps bring:

  • Real time operational visibility of end-to-end processes
  • Powerful monitoring tools and operations management capabilities
  • Proactive problem prevention through predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Automatic restorative response where feasible and rapid intervention using notification where automation is not yet feasible
  • Automated closed loop actions
  • Better infrastructure visibility
  • Seamless big data collection
  • Artificial intelligence for IT operations

Download AIOps SD-WAN Use Cases to learn more.

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