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Medical Center Innovates With Telehealth Platform

Why This Medical Center Chose VIA AIOps To Improve Telehealth Services

Prevent Telehealth Service Failures and Keep Pace with Application Changes and Systems Upgrades With VIA AIOps

COVID-19 created a sense of urgency in many health systems to improve the access and efficiency of their telehealth offering. Access to telehealth technologies enabled medical professionals to ensure patients with chronic and potentially life-threatening conditions received necessary medical care during the health crisis.

Successful implementation of these platforms required constant changes to adapt to the diverse needs of the patient population and medical protocols. Something that providers were not able to keep pace with without a solution.

Before selecting VIA AIOps, a large Academic Medical Center in North America was overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing demands resulting from the pandemic. Implementing a telehealth platform provided a bridge and alleviated the burden on urgent care facilities and hospital ER rooms. Unfortunately, frequent abandoned virtual visits caused by application upgrades and other unplanned failures interrupted service.

The Medical Center reasoned that if they could provide consistent and predictable use of the telehealth platform, they could reduce visits to remote clinics and urgent care centers. Enter VIA, a next-generation AIOps application delivering:

  • Total ecosystem observability to discover service dependencies.
  • Explainable AI to correlate third party events, incidents and change tickets to experience KPIs.
  • Experience Assurance to deliver a five-star experience your customers will trust.

Download the case study to learn how VIA AIOps reduced aborted calls by 58% and resulted in savings for patients and reimbursements for the Medical Center.

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