Regional Bank Transformation

Why This Regional Bank Chose VIA AIOps to Prioritize the Service Experience

Reduce Your Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by 70-80% With VIA AIOps

In the past, a bank’s physical branch location was considered a competitive advantage over neo-banks. Advancements in technology and the acceleration of fintech in 2020 paved the way for new capabilities, complete with cost reductions and the promise of a better customer experience. Regional Banks are now looking to redirect the cost of maintaining physical branches with digital, contactless banking services or risk losing market share.

A large regional bank developed a transformation strategy where they would retain their core business while focusing on adapting the right systems and strategies to support a digital, customer-centric transformation model. This model required partnering with new technology vendors and enhancing their suite of products that would allow them to more efficiently generate revenue, expand bank relationships, and in turn, lower the per account cost structure.

A cornerstone of this regional bank’s transformation was its partnership with VIA AIOps. The bank’s IT Operations team selected VIA AIOps to prioritize the service experience, ensuring timely and visible access to activity that would impact the customer and their transactions.

VIA, Vitria’s next-generation AIOps application, delivers:

  • Total ecosystem observability – a holistic view of the entire service delivery supply chain.
  • Explainable AI – plain language explanations for analytics builds trust and confidence in automation.
  • Experience Assurance  – a five-star experience your customers will trust.

Download the case study to learn how the bank projects a savings of $1M dollars in the first full year by implementing VIA AIOps.