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Service operations: critical for optimizing the customer experience

Now More Than Ever Customer Experience is Paramount For Digital Service Providers

Learn How Next Generation AIOps Benefits Enhances Customer Experience, Reduces Customer Churn, and Minimizes Service Degradation

The core of exceptional customer experience is the ability to resolve problems that arise before the customer feels the impact. Today’s monitoring tools cannot accomplish this goal. Such tools fail to provide the complete visibility of the service delivery ecosystem required to understand CX impacts and avoid triggering service incidents that could have been avoided or quickly contained. AIOps benefits are therefore being considered by many in the industry,

What is the solution?

Next-generation AIOps applications understand the entire service delivery ecosystem and customer impact so that the right issues can be prioritized and quickly acted upon. Using AI and Machine Learning, AIOps applications makes current systems smarter by enabling all of the available data to be analyzed together.

VIA by Vitria is a next-generation AIOps application that improves customer experience by providing Total Ecosystem Observability, Explainable AI, and Experience Assurance. With VIA, customers saw the time to detect the problem and initiate action cut in half, the number of subscribers affected reduced, and overall service quality improved.

Download the white paper to learn more about how VIA is bridging customer experience to service operations with next-generation AIOps benefits.

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