The road to a self-healing network

​The road to a self-healing network

Telcos have begun the journey towards the self-healing network, but progress seen in research just conducted is slow and fragmented. One of the most striking findings has been the wide range of intelligence that will be needed – with the amount of diagnostic/predictive decisioning being significantly higher than other network automations. Indeed, the self-healing network might be the most concentrated area of intelligence requirements across a telco. This paper therefore starts by defining the self-healing network and then moves to discuss the intelligence and data required in order to fulfil telco requirements.

What is a self-healing network?

This paper starts by looking at the definition of a “self-healing” because, although it is part of the Self-X terminologies within the TM Forum’s autonomous network project, it is often used to describe different functionalities within the network.

Know all about Drivers and barriers to the self-healing network

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The Road to Self-Healing Networks