VIA AIOps Unique Strengths


Achieving a New Operating Model for Operations

Achieving a New Operating Model for Operations

End-to-end Service Assurance has typically been managed and operated in silos or independently across the service delivery stacks of compute/store, network and application.  These independent practices constrain operational productivity and the overall service assurance process. Independent operational teams are often chasing symptoms within their silo when the root cause of the problem lies outside their visibility and control. Multiple operations support teams may be addressing the same or different symptoms but all of them attributable to the same root cause.  Addressing these service issues is slow and extremely labor intensive

What are VIA’s unique capabilities to deliver end-to-end service assurance?

  • ​Ingestion of metrics, events, logs, and traces
  • Faults, events, and time-series data enriched with reference data on inventory, topology, and service dependencies.
  • Monitoring within and across technology layers, applications, and service domains
  • Automatic generation of baselines for every metric and dimension combination using unsupervised machine learning
  • Stochastic modeling that enables more effective noise reduction
  • Affinity analysis to correlate signals within and across service layers.
  • Ontology discovery that provides deeper and richer meta data for root cause analysis
  • Ability to correlate issues directly to the customers’ experience and prioritize actions based on impact.

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VIA AlOps Unique Strengths Achieving a New Operating Model for Operations