Vitria VIA AIOps for Cisco Network Automation

Accelerate Resolution of Service Performance Issues Across Service Domains

Deliver automated analysis that enables rapid remediation of service-impacting events across all technology and application layers.

High quality customer experience matters more than ever. But infrastructures are larger, operate across multiple domains and more complex to operate. The challenge is too many events, not enough context, and too slow to react which can lead to operational disruptions. You need a solution to deliver proactive operations across multiple service domains.

Vitria VIA AIOps enhances Cisco Crosswork with multi-domain service assurance to manage fault, performance and subscriber experience. Noisy events are reduced to identify unique incidents. The incidents are applied with customer context by AIOps to filter symptoms versus the root causes. Through this precision, operational teams can make the best operational decisions to reduce time to remediation and even proactively prevent issues. This solution brief outlines the key benefits of Vitria’s VIA AIOps solution to Cisco Crosswork, featuring real-world use case examples.

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