The Changing World of Telecom Assurance

The Assurance Solution of the Future

Assurance is entering a new phase ushered in by 5G and technologies such as SDN/NFV

  • The deployment of 5G and creation of a hybrid network environment generates significantly more data to be analyzed and multiple new assurance needs.
  • The network, OSS and operational teams are under budgetary pressure to support these new networks and the services running over them at low cost. This leads to a focus on automation and new machine learning capabilities to reduce costs.
  • Customer experience will be under increasing threat from other Telecom priorities, including the need to support new low-margin products like IoT which will require low-cost assurance. Also, a reduced product development cycle creates multiple new products that need to be assured.

Learn how VIA provides a next-generation AIOps platform to support Telecoms in this next phase of their network development.

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